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Miner A-350 Magnetic Anomaly Detector is used for detecting disturbed soil and objects (gold, metals, metal alloys, treasure) buried underground.



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In the above drawing; a magnetic object enters into a field and causes a deviation in the earth's natural magnetic field.






The user is doing a research in the field with Miner A-350 on the north-south direction.


The magnetic object buried underground has its own magnetic field which is different from the earth's natural magnetic field.


Miner A-350 will detect the magnetic deviation caused by the metallic object and the disturbed (dug and filled) soil. The direction indicator and the calculated figure (the horizontal x, y coordinates of the natural magnetic field that is converted into an angle) on screen will suddenly change. Depending on the magnitude of the deviation, there will also be "WARN" signal on LCD.


The target will be located.




Miner A-350 measures the horizontal (x, y axis) magnitude of the magnetic field in terms of microtesla. Then it calculates and converts the data into an angle and specifies the direction of magnetic field. It displays the final data on LCD.



While doing a research on the north-south direction with Miner A-350, normally, the direction arrow should point north and the figure on the screen should be "0" (zero). The two screen shots on the left and the right of the picture aren't displaying any change of direction and the calculated magnetism angle is "0" (zero) on LCD. But the screen shot in the middle is displaying a change. The direction indicator is turned to right, the calculated magnetism angle is 50 (a factor of x, y axis) and the warning "WARN" is on the screen. This is the exact position of the target where an object was buried by digging and filling the soil. The target is located.







(a) The mineral content of the soil is different on the surface (yerustu) and in the underground (yeralti). There are layers of soil that have various magnetic magnitudes of 100 and 50 units.                                  

(b) We dig a hole, move the soil aside. The soil aside is a mixture of magnetic minerals that has a magnitude of 90 units.



(c) We put an object into the hole.


(d) We fill the hole with the mixed soil. The object is buried.



(e) The removed and replaced soil content is different from its surroundings. It will rain, snow, etc. The soil will be under the influence of temperature and pressure.

(f) The earth's magnetic field will change after decades. The magnetism of the dug & filled soil will also change. The magnetic difference between the dug & filled soil (with the object) and its surroundings will increase and it will be detectable by high sensitivity instruments like Miner A-350.



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